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Charisma Eclaircissant Serum

Charisma Eclaircissant is a widely used skin care product that gives your skin a youthful radiance and regenerates skin cells. It is a fast absorbing, anti-aging and skin brightening cream that restores clarity and radiance to your complexion. This youth serum gentle evens out discolorations, pigmentations and dark blemishes caused by acne, signs of aging, UV ray and air pollution. It not only increases skin elasticity but also revives your skin for a more lucent look. It contains a variety of unique and exclusive natural extracts that gently remove dead skin cells by its natural action thereby instantly hydrating and firming the skin.

How to Apply

  1. Charisma eclaircissant is a night only cream. Applying it at night gives the skin ample time to nourish and regenerate lost or damaged layers of skin cells.
  2. After night shower, the cream should be applied first before any other cream so the ingredients can permeate your skin unhindered.
  3. We recommend that you wait for 5 to 10 minutes before applying any other cream.