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Charisma Skin Glow Cream

This is a personalized fading and lightening cream that rejuvenates, nourishes and moisturizes your skin revealing a radiant glow. It firms your skin and leaves it uniquely flawless. The cream gently evens out discolourations, pigmentations and dark blemishes caused by acne, aging process, UV ray, and air pollution.

How to Apply

  1. After night shower, apply a measure of Charisma Vitamin E oil on damp skin over face and body
  2. Apply cream on face and body emphasizing on problem and dark areas such as knee, knuckles, inner thigh etc
  3. Massage all over the body using gentle circular motions
  4. Use a firm massage technique to apply Charisma skin glow cream. The massage action will increase circulation
  5. Our product is not oily and will dry up few minutes after application
  6. For best result, Charisma skin glow cream is a night cream only
  7. Results are visible from day 4 to day 7 of usage

Charisma Glow Range

  • Charisma glow cream eclaircissant (E)
  • Charisma glow cream special (SP)
  • Charisma glow cream super (S)
  • Charisma glow cream mild (M)
  • Charisma vitamin E and mineral oil
  • Charisma moisturizing lotion
  • Charisma derma repair
  • Charisma moisturizing body wash
  • Charisma whitening body wash
  • Charisma whitening body wash