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Charisma Vitamin E-Oil

Charisma Vitamin E body oil is an exotic body care product that nourishes, moisturizes and softens your skin. It is one of the world's top 20 products highly sought for by our clients because of its ability to improve the condition of the skin. The body oil contains exclusive and rare natural extracts that help your skin remain supple and fresh. This rich herbal formula makes it an essential body oil that can also be used for massage. It locks in moisture to your skin, adding a soft and alluring radiance to it.

With an enticing and exquisite fragrance, it leaves your skin sweetly scented and gives you a sensual feeling after application. It is light enough to use as a daily routine after showering or taking a relaxing bath. Once you start using Charisma body oil, there won't be any turning back because it will be an integral part of your toiletry.

How to Apply

  1. For best results, apply Charisma body oil on damp skin
  2. Apply it on face and body or as desired
  3. Apply generously. Remove any excess body oil by cleaning with a dry towel
  4. Massage in using gentle circular motions into dry skin to give your skin a bright shine
  5. Use a firm massage technique to apply the oil. The massage action will increase circulation and expel its sweet subtle aroma
  6. Scent hair with the oil by dropping few drops of oil into your hands and running the hands lightly through the hair. The oil can help moisten dry ends of your hair and add a light fragrance to hair
  7. Allow the body oil to dry and thoroughly penetrate your skin. Let the body oil soak and dry on your skin for roughly five minutes before dressing or apply other charisma products