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Spa Services - Facials


Charisma dermatological and facial treatment begins your journey to a radiant and healthier skin. A one-hour treatment which combines the best of nature and science that can help all skin types and skin needs.

A regular facial treatment is recommended for everyone at least once a month to improve your skin texture, tone and overall appearance. Enjoy a variety of revitalizing products such as RVB, icharisma and icharisma UV products and strictly professional and dermatological.

Basic Biogenic facials/mask purifying

This deep cleansing facial is suitable for all skin types. The face is cleansed and is gently exfoliated with olive stone granules which softens the skin, and eases away emulsified sebum and keratinized cells. The face is steamed, massaged and nourished with an all-natural hydrating moisturizer. This treatment oxygenates, and revitalizes the skin giving it a smooth texture.

Biogenic green tea facials (The Youth Foundation)

This luxurious facial restores and tones the skin leaving it radiant and glowing. This treatment helps to detoxify facial tissues with the use of biologically engineered products that are high in anti-oxidants and minerals, resulting in a smooth skin, improves complexion and diminishes fine lines, reduces puffiness, leaving your face clear with a radiant glow. This facial is excellent for men as well.

Heavy build-up facials (Dermatology)

This beauty technique is used to remove dark spots, acne, and cystic acne, polyporous comedo of all characteristics, razor bumps, and blotches and also relieve pigmentation. It also drains sinuses and all edemas of the face. After extraction and treatment of the acne, a beautiful textured hydrating mask containing a blend of emollients humectants and zinc oxides, glycerin and paraffin oil are applied on the face.

This increases the blood flow to the dermis, improving the circulation and the metabolism in the skin basal layers. Charisma healing antibiotics cream is then applied on the face which allows a rapid regeneration and healing of the facial skin.

Burn therapy facials

This is a skin repair treatment through therapeutic approach. It is a procedure used to revitalize and enhance skin renewal, recommended for patient/clients that have sunburn, chemically damaged skin due to excessive use of strong and corrosive products or over exposure to the sun. this treatment clears spots, blemishes, and diminishes burn scars to reveal a new skin and a more even glow.