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Spa Services - Skin Treatment

We have a variety of treatments delicately formulated and designed waiting for you. With pastes of blended tropical fruits, essential oils, herbs and fragrances are applied lavishly all over your body you will be sure to get the treat of a life time.

Golden Glow (Body Polish)

A healing spa treatment that combines natural oils and custom-blended essential oils with all natural sea salt, rich in trace minerals to nourish and exfoliate the skin. This body polish not only helps your body detoxify, it also stimulates the circulatory system and helps to remedy dry, flaky skin. This treatment is applied in massage-style strokes and leaves your skin velvety soft and feeling like new. The Golden Glow is finished with a steamy mist which further enhances the therapeutic and healing benefits of this treatment.

Tropical Body Polish

The combination of coconut, freshly grated ginger and lemongrass essential oil which provides a gentle, yet stimulating, exfoliation for the skin. Ginger, known for its stimulating and warming qualities, is combined with grated coconut, a natural, gentle exfoliation and lemongrass essential oil to help rid the body of toxic build-up and increase circulation. The body polish is finished with a steamy mist, which further enhances the therapeutic and healing benefits of this treatment.A natural answer for skin rejuvenation.

Oily Rain

Fresh ripe avocado is blended and mixed with Charisma essential body herbs, olive and sheer butter. The Avocado skin is blended and used to exfoliate dead cells, pigmentation and thick skin after a steam. Then comes the oily rain, that greasy mixture, will replenish your skin a whole lot.

Hi Honey

Did you know that Cleopatra rubbed her body with fresh aloes and honey to keep her skin flawless? Come let's pamper your skin with the Charisma beauty recipe of ancient Egypt.

Go Vergie

This anti-aging therapy, derived from a combination of essential vegetables blended with the seeds and bark of fruits into a fine green paste is used to cover your skin lavishly after a hot steam and exfoliation giving you a flawless and youthful look.

Let Go My Egg O

This treatment helps your skin look younger than its years by minimizing imperfections, removing toxins, evens, and diminishes stretch marks, reduces cellulite & tightens the skin. A mixture of eggs, kernel oil and Charisma beauty herbs will give your skin that desired glow. This is suitable for all skin types.

Dirty Naughty Pig (Mud Bath)

This treatment is made from a range of homeopathic ingredients which works in harmony with your skin to boost its natural glow. It conditions, re-balances, moisturizes and helps resists the signs of aging. All the excess oil, impurities and toxins are removed from your skin leaving your skin firm and smooth.