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Spa Services - Steam & Massage

Massage in addition to essential oils is a marvelous way to ease muscular aches and pains, subdue stress and tension, and treat variety of conditions in a pleasant, relaxing way. Apart from feeling great, massage can soothe the nervous system, reduce blood and lymphatic circulation.

It can also release cellular waste from your muscles, relax your breathing and slow a racing pulse. Massage increases circulation to your skin and improves your complexion. For proper blood circulation, the massage is concentrated on the organs along the entire system; range from the head, abdomen, and chest down to the foot muscles.

The following massage treatments are available:

Chinese Massage

Long strokes and kneading of the superficial layers of muscles. It is a soothing massage which helps to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and enhance relaxation. A Chinese therapist is available by appointment.

Slimming Massage

This is a fat burning massage that deals with years of accumulated fat deposits by kneading and rolling away the fatty under-lying tissue from those hard to loose areas like the upper arm, thighs and buttocks, it also restructures the shape, firms and improves overall circulations.

Relaxing Massage

A non-therapeutic, soothing massage focused on creating an overall relaxation of the body with Charisma relaxing massage cream.

Foot & Hand (Pedicure & Manicure)

Relax and unwind as your feet are treated to a foot massage and exfoliating treatment. Enjoy having your feet totally pampered. Treat your hands to a manicure, leaving them feeling wonderful and looking fantastic. By using all natural products and exfoliants, your hands are rejuvenated and not only feel, but also look like new.

Sports Massage

A vigorous massage using compression cross fibre friction techniques as well as stretching. It focuses on muscles used in a particular athletic activity or problem areas.

Physiotherapeutic Massage

Rehabilitation of accident victims: This helps the body recover from trauma, pain management, posture correction, manipulation of muscles, tendons and joints.